The Truth About Drugs Educator’s Guide
The Truth About Drugs documentary
The Truth About Drugs series
Eleven posters (one for each drug of choice)

The Truth About Drugs Educator’s Guide contains complete lesson plans and instructions for teaching the truth about the most commonly abused street and prescription drugs. These lesson plans encourage and entice you and your students to truly participate.


The Truth About Drugs documentary is a hard-hitting, no-holds-barred educational film that covers each of the most commonly abused substances. Told in the straight talk that is the hallmark of this program, here are the compelling firsthand accounts of former users who themselves survived the nightmare of addiction.

Included on the DVD are award-winning public service announcements (PSAs), each challenging the most common myths about drugs.


Twenty-four sets of the thirteen fact-filled booklets in The Truth About Drugs series—simple but powerful information about drugs. The first of the series is The Truth About Drugs, which describes how drugs work and their mental and physical effects. Each of the other twelve booklets in the series focuses on one of the most commonly abused drugs, exposing the myths by giving the truth about the short-term and long-term effects of the drug.


Eleven posters, one for each drug of choice, are provided for use in conjunction with the lessons. For display in the classroom or in school public areas, they reinforce lesson messages.

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