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Read: What Dealers On The Internet Will Tell You


Some of the biggest selling points used by dealers in their online false advertising are that their products are “natural” and “legal” and therefore “safe.”

Dealers have described Spice or K2 as the “trip of a lifetime,” “a fantastic high” and claimed the drug will “turn an ordinary evening into a blissful, exotic encounter.”

Websites promoting Bath Salts use marketing slogans such as:

“Get ready to feel like a newborn child.”

“Bath Salts will provide you with the energy you need for a long night of fun.”

N-bomb is also marketed on websites that make it appear safe and legal. Some sites try to pass as legitimate pharmacies or chemical distributors, claiming to get their drugs from “reputable laboratories” based in China, India and other countries.

Dealers or promoters will tell you “It’s absolutely amazing!”

“You’ll feel absolutely wonderful” and “It puts you into another realm.”

While this is slick marketing, it does not match the reality of the effects and consequences these drugs actually have.

Get the facts about synthetic drugs. Make your own decisions.