Teachers Impart the Truth About Drugs

Teacher, Illinois, USA
“Since drugs are prevalent in this neighborhood, many of my students have family members who sell or use drugs. They also walk by sellers on the corner daily and it is good for the students to see and hear about the realities of drug use instead of just the ‘cool’ message of drug use they get from the streets. I see a change in my students after viewing the DVD, especially that maybe drugs are all about dollars and not in their best interest. In their essays they write about how they don’t want to end up like people they know who are addicted, and I believe the materials in the Truth About Drugs curriculum helped them realize that.”

“My students now have an awareness and change I have not seen from any other program I have used.”

— Teacher, Arizona, USA

Teacher, New Brunswick, Canada
“I received the package at the end of August and I wish to thank you for sending it. I have only started scratching the surface of the program. I find the video to be very truthful and helpful in explaining the effects of different drugs, and the reaction of the students is amazing. Seeing these people on videos and hearing their stories has an effect on students. I see the faces of disbelief in certain students. I particularly like the videos because they don’t hide anything and they show the real pain drugs have caused these different people and their families. I find the education package very helpful and well detailed. I can easily incorporate it in my curriculum. Thank you again for this precious material.”

Teacher, Delta State, Nigeria
“I like what I have done so far and will do more. The schools are excited about it as the students are changing their wrong ideas about drugs and dropping the habits they have with inhalants and alcohol. The students now know that they don’t suffer alone when they use drugs; it affects other people. I like the DVD, the arrangement of the lessons and that the drugs are described so the students are able to identify them anytime they see them. I want to say a big thank you to Drug-Free World for this opportunity.”


The Truth About Drugs program uses many channels to reach kids before drugs do.

Booklets In the past year, over 7 million booklets were placed in people’s hands.
TV In the past year, Public Service Announcements aired to over 83 million viewers.
Online In the past year, visits to doubled to over 14 million.


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